Special WCS Workshops & Dance!
Thursday, April 17, 2014

at 56 Pond Lane, Arlington, MA!

Special Guest Instructor:
Champion Patty Vo!!

Patty Vo is a creative and dynamic professional WCS champions! She teaches all over the world.
It's been too long since she was last in Boston, we are fortunate to have her back. She is a top female WCS professionals. With experience in many dance forms, she has meshed them into a compelling and unique style of WCS. Patty is known for her profound "feel for the music" and riveting charisma on the dance floor.

Patty's instruction is challenging, innovative, and insightful.
She focusses on technique, musicality, creativity and having fun!

Click the links below to watch samples of Patty Vo's exciting non-choreographed performances!

New beginners welcome every Thursday at 7 pm.
The beginner class runs in a series throughout the month and covers 7 basic patterns.
Even though it runs in a series, it does not matter which week you start.


Int/Adv in Main Hall:

7:15pm WCS Workshop 1 with Patty Vo!

8:15pm WCS Workshop 2 with Patty Vo!

In Second Room:

7:15pm Beginner Lesson: Beginner WCS lesson

8:15pm Adv-Beg Lesson: Advanced Beginner WCS lesson

Dance Party in Main Hall:

9:15pm: Dance &/or socialize until close with Eric Cudmore spinning the tunes!

$20 WCS Workshop(s) in main hall & Dance.
$12 Beginner WCS Lesson & Dance.
$10 Dance and/or Socialize Only.
No pre-registration required. No partner necessary.
Air Conditioned. Open to all ages. Cash bar.
For more information:
Email Jon Schimmel or call 617.623.3134