Meet The Directors

Meet The Directors


Tuesday Nights West Coast Swing dancing has been running for 22 years. Both Bill and Yuna have an extensive background in dance, have won numerous awards and teach weekly in Massachusetts. 

They hope you will join them!


  • 1997 US Open Swing Dance Champion

  • 1998 American Swing Dance Champion

  • 2 time Canadian Blues Champion

  • US Open Judge

  • National Dance Dynamics Board Member

  • GSDTA Certification 1

  • Teacher and judge training from 5 different training programs including UCWDC

  • World Swing Dance Council Charter Member

  • NASDE Event Director

  • Cover story in Jitterbug magazine

  • First Event Director to run a crossover J&J, NADC

  • First Event Director to offer a feedback program to dancers that did not make finals


  • Has won or placed in many national All-Star competitions

  • Experienced Pro/Am Routine coach

  • Has trained with the top pros in the country

  • Dances with a unique and compelling style

  • Awesome private instructor!

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Dance Boston

Held at the Lexington Elks Lodge

959 Waltham Street

Lexington, MA 02421