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West Coast Swing Dancing 
With Bill Cameron & Yuna Davtyan
West Coast Swing Dancing 
With Bill Cameron & Yuna Davtyan


Upcoming 2023 Dates:

Tuesday, May 2

Tuesday, May 9

Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday, May 23

Tuesday, May 30

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'Dance Family' It's a term we all use – and we all understand without explanation.

Our dance family is our 'chosen family.'

In Boston, we are especially lucky. Our dance family is deeply connected, exceptionally generous, and known for its ability to come together to support one another in times of need.

Recently, many of you opened your hearts and wallets to support a local dancer whose family wrestled with the financial burden and medical costs resulting from a brain tumor diagnosis.

This generosity made a difference and we thank you all for stepping up.

There is now another in our dance family facing a cancer diagnosis – in fact, she is facing it for the 3rd time.

Anne Fleming is a survivor and a fighter. Her strength, spirit, smile, and laughter are known not only within our local dance community but around the world.

She has welcomed many of us into this dance family we know and love so much – and she continues to bring people together everywhere she goes.

Anne teaches because it is her passion – and she gives all of herself every time, to every student, in every lesson, class, and workshop.

It is time, now, to give back.

Anne's health insurance ended – prior to her diagnosis – and she has been in the midst of a required waiting period before her new insurance begins (although even then, it will not cover all of her treatment.)

Unfortunately, cancer waits for no one.

We ask you all to step up once again – to open your hearts and your wallets to help.

Additional donations of any size are welcomed – and will make a difference – just as dance has made a difference in all of our lives.

With love and gratitude,
Yuna & Bill

Anne Fleming - Dancing_edited.png
Anne Fleming - NEDF.png

For those of you who don't have Venmo account, you will be able to help by getting the eGift Card from Whole Foods Market. Anne's email address is:

Anne Fleming



Tuesdy Nights


West Coast Swing group lessons and social dance every Tuesday!

7:15 PM Intermediate group lesson

8:15 PM Int/Adv group lesson

8:15 PM Beginner Group Lesson (Downstairs) 

9:15 PM to 11:30 PM Social Dancing

The intermediate lessons are taught by former U.S. Open Champion Bill Cameron and his remarkable partner Yuna Davtyan.

The beginner lessons are taught by DanceBoston staff members who have been personally trained by Bill and Yuna.

Please bring shoes with clean leather or hard plastic soles that will slide on hard wood floors.

We offer a cash bar and free nibbles.

You only pay when you attend: no pre-registration is required.


Saturday Nights



Monthly WCS Dance Party!

Typically the first Saturday of the month. Check dates at the top of the homepage for our next one!

We provide two Intermediate/Advanced lessons at 7:15 PM and 8:15 PM. There is only one hour beginner lesson at 8 PM. Social dance is 9 PM to 11:30 PM.

In addition to Bill and Yuna, we offer a range of nationally-recognized instructors throughout the year as guest teachers on Saturday evenings.


Sometimes we have special workshops that start in the afternoon. Our monthly dances include group workshops and social dancing.

Please bring shoes with clean leather or hard plastic soles that will slide on hard wood floors.

We offer a cash bar and free nibbles.

You only pay when you attend: no pre-registration is required.


Private Lessons


Bill Cameron, Yuna Davtyan, and DanceBoston staff members are available for reasonably-priced private lessons.


The special attention you receive in private lessons can catapult your dancing to the next level. Private lessons help you learn more quickly and effectively by focusing on your individual needs. The instructor can spend ample time dancing with you, one on one, to quickly and accurately assess your skills and identify problem areas.

Private lessons are typically for 1 or 2 people and can be taught by 1 or 2 instructors.


Small private group lessons (for 3 or more people) can also be arranged.

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Snapshots from Kelson Gent, Lindsay Mistretta and Alyssa May Schoeller!


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The greater Boston area has become a hotspot for West Coast Swing dancing.

We have a great program of West Coast Swing lessons and dances... come and see for yourself!

Join us for Boston-area lessons and social dancing in West Coast Swing; 

Tuesdays (weekly) and Saturdays (monthly). We have lessons followed by social dancing.


Tuesdays: Join our accessible lessons for dancers of all levels.

Brand new beginners welcomed warmly.

Monthly Saturday night lessons/dances are friendly and fabulous.


What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance that combines the hottest elements of traditional swing, Latin dances, and Hip-Hop, creating a smooth, subtle movement that suits every age.

Our goal is to spread the joy of dance to as many people as we can.



If it's your birthday and you let us know in advance, you come for free! Plus we'll bring you a cupcake and have a birthday dance jam for you! Don't know what that entails?

Come find out!



We use a range of DJs who each have their favorite playlists; including the blues, R&B and Top 40.



The venue has both air conditioning and a bar!



Kieffer Q.

"Bill & Yuna have an incredible passion for spreading their knowledge & love of this art. Their lessons have helped my dancing improve dramatically both in competition & the social dance floor. This dance community they've created has attracted many talented, kind, & supportive people from a wide variety of backgrounds & origins. It feels like family. The hour-long drive from my house is always worth it to me."



959 Waltham Street

Lexington, MA 02421


Bill Tel: 860.268.1968

Yuna Tel: 401.477.3805

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